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Nyuron was founded to offer organizations and individuals the best known system able to capture individual differences and from there, help creating more human-adapted environments, strategies and decision-making and therefore more efficient organizations and happier, healthier and more productive individuals.

Nyuron ™ is an intelligent expert system that allows very reliable predictions of people’s behavior in different situations and contexts: Education, Consumer Affairs, Human Resources and Risk Assessment amongst many.

It has been designed with the utmost scientific and technological rigor by some of the most prestigious scientists and engineers in the field of human behavior, information and computing technology with the collaboration of experts in many other different business areas.


Cardenal Cisneros UCM
Universidad Complutense
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Within the basis of our approach lies a fundamental assumption.

Human personality has a biologically determined structure consisted of stable lifetime features which govern behavioural trends for any situation.

We know how these features perform and which part of the brain they depend on. Each person has its own unique settings. Some behaviours could change unpredictably but biological trends are highly predictable.

Nyuron™ bundles scientific knowledge, AI technology and user-friendly interfaces, allowing to create fully-customised models with different inputs -tests, games, databases- and outputs -audiovisual, gamification-.

From each particular configuration you can automate any diagnosis, recommendation or prediction and build new outputs of the system, for as long as you'd like.

Meet the team

Multidisciplinary Team

We are a multidisciplinary team composed by professionals and researchers in the fields of Psychology, Computer Science, Sociology, Marketing, International Development, Gamification, Behavioral Sciences, Turism Industry, Health & Risks, Engineering, Neuromarketing, Health, Insurance, Human Resources and Global Strategy.


Computational basis
Computational Core

The assembly configured and ad-hoc customized represents the product, which can be enhanced with additional modules that allow special options for the management and processing of information, such as profile designer, configuration of compatible human groups or functions for statistical analysis of data.

The management tools and the integrated solutions enable customers to fully obtain the needed descriptive and predictive information by themshelves.

Computational Core

With our software solutions the client can manage the inputs and outputs by himself through a software specifically intended to the organizational needs.

The setup of the solution as an embedded system allows the integration of several different interfaces with the computational core that powers export and import of the data automatically from and towards the clients own management systems, no matter which they are, as long as it's following our usage guide.

A way for building up Europe

Grants for Innovation Plans

The Nyuron™ SEPC-NEOTEC project has been supported by the CDTI -Spanish Centre for Technological Industrial Development- through its I+D+i funding campaign.

Nyuron™ has already started to expand its product with a whole new set of features thanks to the CDTI grant.


The "INNOCamaras" Plan is mainly focused on helping SMEs, microcompanies and freelances towards the improvement of its competitiveness through the adoption of a knowlegde, use and full-time exploitation of their business strategies innovation, thus managing to maintain a sustained economic growth.

"Nyuron Synaptics S.L." has become a European Regional Development Fund recipient, whose goal is powering innovation, thus allowing to achieve Marketing Innovation by producing a Marketing Stategy Plan aimed on helping towards the foundation and establishment of innovative companies. These actions are carrying out throughout the year 2018. For that purpose, it has been supported by the "INNOCamaras" Plan of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.


Computational management of biological behavior tendences.
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